What’s you Favorite?

BillboardsChocolate or vanilla?

Glazed or sour cream?

Carrot or Red Velvet?

With those as lead options it is no wonder I spend so much time walking in my favorite shoes.

Brooks if you were wondering.

But being in the business of attention interruption I love great commercials.

Great commercials can execute as funny. They could be extremely complex and expensive to pull off. Or they could simplistic with an incredible moving message.

Most of all they a great commercial must move the viewer.

A great commercial could move you and your friends to say “What’s Up?” a thousand different ways while reinforcing a brand.

The best Budweiser “What’s Up” Compilation

Amazing commercials can take patience. They can take re-takes and re-takes and 604 more re-takes to leave you in amazement, with something that is unforgettable.

Honda’s Amazing Rube Goldberg Machine Take 607

But a powerful messages can be delivered via simple concepts and simple photography.

Simplicity but moving

But out of all the commercials I have seen the one that ranks as the top for me is an ESPN Sportscenter commercial with the young King. It just makes me laugh every time I see it.

Scott Van Pelt Musical Chairs with the King

I wonder what some of yours are.

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