No Bodies

Cut out the “no” bodies.

No BodiesI don’t remember when I read about “no” bodies. It could have been 2008, maybe 2009. Nonetheless it was an interesting, although somewhat obvious, concept that as individuals, marketers, sales people we need to understand.

So what is a “no” body?

It is simple. A “no” body is a somebody who can’t give you a “yes,” but they can give you a “no” and often they do.

Where could we run into these “no” bodies in our lives?

They are all around us, from the sales person at the car dealership where you are checking out a used 1987 Jeep to the receptionist at the local business you are looking to partner with.

It’s highly unlikely the sales person at Lemon Ted’s Autos has the authority to say “yes” to your query for a $2500 discount any more than the receptionist at Joe’s Shark Emporium can for your pitch on a multi-media marketing plan for pet great whites.

Where does that leave us? What are we to do?

It’s to identify who the actual decision makers are and discuss the pros and cons of our offers directly with them. This direct communication channel will help both parties better understand the challenges or pain the other party needs to overcome and how the solutions they presented can achieve that to create the, sometimes elusive, WIN – WIN.

One thing to keep in mind, humans are more motivated by the fear of loss than an equivalent level of gain.

So keep in mind the car sales person has some level of fear of missing out on the sale of that beautiful midnight blue 1987 Jeep Wrangler, but does it out weigh your FOMO of taking your new pet great white out for a ride with the top off?

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