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Kind Words From Clients

We call them clients because friends isn't 'businessy' enough, but we strive for our engagements to extend past our business partnerships. But to be honest we would rather talk about you and your goals, but some people are interested in feedback from people we have partnered with in the past. So here is a sampling.

Robin Chaddick
Robin Chaddick

Eighteen years is a testament to my invaluable working partnership with Bart Ross. He fills a void in the broad landscape of marketing that serves his partners well. You are guaranteed a thoughtful, engaging, goal-oriented approach to each project he undertakes. His end game is solutions for your team.

Derrick McBride
Derrick McBride

My name Derrick McBride. I am the National Director of Corporate Partnerships for One More Child. It is my pleasure to recommend Bart Ross for his ability to understand our goals, his exemplary work and attention to detail toward our projects here at One More Child.

Jay Wirth

At D’Ogee Pet Waste Services growth over the last 5 years is directly linked to partnering with Red Whiskey for their marketing experience and expertise. They have pushed us to get out of our comfort zone and challenge our preconceive notion of how to connect with clients.

Derek Fournier

We have partnered with Red Whiskey multiple times for event production, execution and all related marketing activities. I have always been extremely impressed with Bart’s ability to understand our needs, help craft a unique approach and truly drive connection to our potential clients.

Kevin Humphries

Being in one of the most competitive markets and business practices, I know firsthand the value of marketing. I am pleased to share my experiences with Red Whiskey over the last six years as I credit Bart Ross with much of the success and growth we have enjoyed.