The Why

What Makes You Do This

When you start out on any journey it is natural for you, and even others to question, “Why are you doing this?”

That simple question can be a difficult to answer, but for me its easy.

“I Love Marketing!”


“But Why?”

Since you are here, I think it may be safe to assume you are at least a little interested in my story.

I have always considered myself an athlete, which wouldn’t lead anyone to directly think “you might be good and really enjoy marketing.” When you layer on top of that, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and a Master’s degree in Sports Administration (or PE as my wife called it on our wedding announcement) you really wouldn’t think, “Wow! Marketing is for you.”

But that love for sports, especially teams sports, was exactly what lead me here. My first foray into marketing was in 1996 when me an a friend said “let’s build a website.”

My response, as I am sure most people would have said then was “What’s a website?”

Free Prize Inside - Seth Godin
Free Prize Inside - Seth Godin

From that conversation came “” and a fire was lit. - Embrace The Ugliness – circa 1997

Having absolutely, ZERO, programming experience past the simple BASIC from middle school, I taught myself to code and I became the architect of a site that was awarded Microsoft’s site of the Day, not once but, twice. And was listed as one of the three best sports sites on the web next to; and (now and for over a year.

Without burning more eyes or boring you further, that “creative” spark combined with my mindset of a lifelong learner and the sale of for hundreds of thousands of pennies, my life as a marketer was off.

“Seriously, but WHY?”

Because I love learning. I love being a part of a team. And because I love coaching, marketing is perfect for my “Why!”

Everyday I get to learn about clients, their clients, both their needs and desires. I get to problem solve, work with talented and creative people to envision and execute solutions. Marketing allows me to be a part of many different teams all working toward the same goals. I can’t think of a better “Why!”

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Kind Words From Clients

We call them clients because friends isn't 'businessy' enough, but we strive for our engagements to extend past our business partnerships. But to be honest we would rather talk about you and your goals, but some people are interested in feedback from people we have partnered with in the past. So here is a sampling.

Robin Chaddick
Robin Chaddick

Eighteen years is a testament to my invaluable working partnership with Bart Ross. He fills a void in the broad landscape of marketing that serves his partners well. You are guaranteed a thoughtful, engaging, goal-oriented approach to each project he undertakes. His end game is solutions for your team.