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03/29/2023 | By
10 percent chance or 1 out of 10 wins!

Alrighty! Let’s do what all marketers love, talk NUMBERS! “Boooo!” Chill! Numbers can be a game-changer in your marketing

Consistency over perfection thumb
03/22/2023 | By
Consistency over perfection?

In my 50-plus years on this big blue marble hurtling through space at approximately 67,000 miles per hour, I’ve

03/15/2023 | By
Neuromarketing ‘what’?

Way back in 2012, I was struggling to figure out why someone I loved was making decisions that seemed

Power of Odd
03/08/2023 | By
Odd numbers are powerful, 3 reasons why

The more I spend time digging in to how and why mass marketing companies use psychology and behavioral marketing

Thinking Fast & Slow
03/01/2023 | By
Zeigarnik effect what is ..

Have you ever been talking with a friend and you were trying to tell them about a song you

02/22/2023 | By
What’s you Favorite?

Chocolate or vanilla? Glazed or sour cream? Carrot or Red Velvet? With those as lead options it is no

No Bodies
02/15/2023 | By
Cut out the “no” bodies.

I don’t remember when I read about “no” bodies. It could have been 2008, maybe 2009. Nonetheless it was

02/08/2023 | By
What does success look like?

I am not sure how or when I first started asking that question. Heck, I am not sure someone

3 Reasons Why
02/01/2023 | By
3 Reasons You’d Read This?

When we work to craft content to attract clients or gather a broader audience there is often a compelling