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The Resolution Revolution: Break the Mold with Seinfeld and Robbins

Seinfeld WavingSo, who’s sticking to their diet? Who’s diligently tracking their calories? Who’s consistently hitting the gym three times a week? And who remembered to get their socks out last night? Well, if you’re reading this, you’re unknowingly – and maybe even unwittingly – playing the role of my accountability partner in one of my resolutions: to blog every week. And for that, I’m thankful. Because here we are in the second week of January, and I am a perfect two for two.

By the way, did you know that over 47% of all New Year’s resolutions are OVER by the second week of January? And, fun fact: 83% of statistics are made up. But let’s not get bogged down by “stats.” Remember, our focus is on consistency, not perfection.

When we make resolutions, we’re hoping our commitment alone will fuel our consistency. But, as many of us know “the road to hell” or in this case “failures” is paved with good intentions. That’s why external motivators often become crucial in reinforcing our aspirations. I, for example, rely on accountability partners. Then there are others, like Jerry Seinfeld, who turn to visual aids.

Here’s an interesting nugget: When Jerry, as I like to call him, started out with a goal to write at least one joke or funny line every day, he turned to a wall calendar. You know one of those big, massive calendars your teachers used to have that showed the entire year? And while your teacher would place an “X” for every day closer they were to summer break; Jerry was tracking his progress. “Don’t Break the Chain.” It was his unique way of ‘streaking’ towards success.

Theo VonWhat I find particularly intriguing is that some successful individuals advocate for a mental shift, rather than relying solely on tools, to keep resolutions. For example, Tony Robbins, the world-renowned speaker, best-selling author, and motivator (who claims, “I Am Not Your Guru”). He argues that the key to success lies in changing your mindset. Just this week, I caught him on Theo Von’s podcast ‘This Past Weekend,’ discussing this very topic. Robbins challenged the notion of counting the days of a behavior, questioning, ‘…why are you counting, so you can tell people how many days you lasted this time before you go back again?‘ According to him, when you shift your identity to ‘I’m not one of those,’ you’re less likely to revert to old habits. Interestingly, the opposite holds true as well – embracing a positive new identity can foster lasting change.

If we take these pearls of wisdom from personal resolutions, we can draw some parallels in the world of marketing – a realm where resolutions might not always take the form of diets or gym commitments, but where the principles of consistency, motivation, and mindset shifts are just as relevant and necessary.

In marketing, just as in our personal lives, setting resolutions or goals is the first step. But the magic happens in the execution. Whether it’s a small business aiming to increase its digital footprint or a large corporation looking to enhance customer engagement, the success recipe remains the same – consistency in efforts, leveraging external tools and resources, and most importantly, a mindset shift.

As a marketer, like Jerry with his jokes, you might use a calendar to track your consistent content creation or campaign launches. In the spirit of Tony Robbins, you or your marketing team might need to shift your identity from merely ‘selling a product’ to ‘creating a memorable experience for the customer.’ This mindset shift can open new avenues for creativity and innovation in your marketing strategies.

Tony Robbins BookSo, as we move through the first part of the year, let’s remember that whether it’s our personal resolutions like sticking to a diet, or professional ones like elevating our brand, the underlying principles remain consistent. It’s about setting the stage with the right mindset, utilizing tools and resources to keep us on track, and embracing consistency over perfection.

So, let’s land this plane, shall we?

Whether you’re a marketing guru or just someone trying to stick to a New Year’s resolution, remember, the journey is as important as the destination. Stay consistent, be willing to adapt, and remember what Tony Robbins says, “What makes people happy? PROGRESS!

Here’s to yours and mine.

Till next time!

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