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Singularly Focused

On Your Success!

Effective marketing is a team sport! We partner with clients to discuss, plan, execute, and measure their marketing results as if they were our only client.

It's About You

Your Success Is Our Reward

Every client has their own set of goals. From increasing customers to decreasing the cost of acquisition, from developing a strategic marketing plan to successfully executing it, from building an engaging website to elevating their brand. No matter your business goal we focus on the results you desired.


Every great relationship starts with getting to know one other. This discovery process is curial to develop trust and create goal alignment with clients.

Planning & Executing

Once trust and goal alignment are established, the strategic and creative process takes place to developed creative and plans to ensure the optimal results.

Measuring Results

During execution, maintaining open communication, consistent measurement and tweaking the plan, is how you maximize your return on investment.

Digital Marketing Interaction

Marketing Is More Than Pretty Pictures

Marketing isn’t fine art. It isn’t just pretty pictures. The recipe for successful marketing requires the proper mixture of creative elements to engage your target audience’s senses, the correct media placement to generate opportunities for your clients to choose your product or service combined with analytics to measure the your results to make appropriate adjustments when necessary.


What We Do For You

We do what any great partner should do! We work with you to identify the areas of your business you want to grow or need focused attention - time and or resources. Together we build a plan you are comfortable with, meets your budget requirements and delivers the success you are looking for.

Understand Your Audience

To market successfully we work with together to identify your ideal clients and the best mediums to engage with them.

Develop Your Plan

Once your ideal clients are identified we discuss your marketing budget and identify the best mediums for your specific marketing plan.

Execute Your Plan

This is where your marketing plan moves from the 'Saying' to 'Doing!' via building the creative(s) and executing the media placement.

Measure Your Results

Once the marketing is placed, it’s results must be measured and recorded. Both successes and failure need to be tracked and recorded.

Tweak Your Plan

The results gathered in the measurement phase will be used to determine what adjustments are required to maximize your results.

Grow Your Business

Once your marketing is fine-tuned, it is time to grow / maintain your business through proper investment, measurement and adjustment.

Marketing Strategy Services

Marketing Strategy Services

We work with our clients in brand development / positioning, market research, client personas, as marketing strategy to increase engagement.

Full Service Marketing

Full Service Marketing

Our clients partner with us to develop compelling messages and creative to create opportunities to engage target audiences where they are.

SEO & Digital Marketing Services

SEO & Digital Marketing Services

We research clients' audience(s) to insure the content and digital marketing plans target the proper keywords and key phrases to deliver success.

Website Design & Content Creation

Website Design & Content Creation

Balancing the function and form with a website is both an art and a science. We work to find the yin and yang to engage and convert visitors.


Kind Words From Clients

We call them clients because friends isn't 'businessy' enough, but we strive for our engagements to extend past our business partnerships. But to be honest we would rather talk about you and your goals, but some people are interested in feedback from people we have partnered with in the past. So here is a sampling.


Being in one of the most competitive markets and business practices, I know firsthand the value of marketing. I am pleased to share my experiences with Red Whiskey over the last six years as I credit Bart Ross with much of the success and growth we have enjoyed.  

Kevin Humphries

Founding Partner - Lopez & Humphries

We have partnered with Red Whiskey multiple times for event production, execution and all related marketing activities. I have always been extremely impressed with Bart’s ability to understand our needs, help craft a unique approach and truly drive connection to our potential clients.

Derek Fournier

CEO - DeCurtis Corporation

At D’Ogee Pet Waste Services growth over the last 5 years is directly linked to partnering with Red Whiskey for their marketing experience and expertise. They have pushed us to get out of our comfort zone and challenge our preconceive notion of how to connect with clients.

Jay Wirth

Owner - DOgee Pet Waste Solutions
Derrick McBride

My name Derrick McBride. I am the National Director of Corporate Partnerships for One More Child. It is my pleasure to recommend Bart Ross for his ability to understand our goals, his exemplary work and attention to detail toward our projects here at One More Child.

Derrick McBride

National Director of Corporate Partnerships

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