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How could 65,688 people be wrong?

So, I’m not sure you’re supposed to open a blog that you want people to read with the word “so”. But I typically don’t follow “The Little, Brown Handbook” in my writing. In fact,

Tag you are it!

Are you tired of throwing your hard-earned cash into a marketing black hole and feeling like you’d be better off just lighting it on fire? Believe me, I feel your pain. But don’t worry,

10 % chance or 1 out of 10 wins!

Alrighty! Let’s do what all marketers love, talk NUMBERS! “Boooo!” Chill! Numbers can be a game-changer in your marketing efforts. They give your message credibility and make your brand look more trustworthy. But not

Consistency over perfection thumb
Consistency over perfection?

In my 50-plus years on this big blue marble hurtling through space at approximately 67,000 miles per hour, I’ve had my fair share of athletic pursuits. It all started with shooting hoops during the

Neuromarketing ‘what’?

Way back in 2012, I was struggling to figure out why someone I loved was making decisions that seemed to be in conflict with their best interest. I just couldn’t get my hands around