I don't believe you

The Reason Why This Giant Won’t Touch Coffee!

Are you a fellow coffee snob? Well confession time: I’m not exactly a coffee snob, and I think coffee tast awful. In fact, whenever someone offers me a cup of joe, I jokingly respond with, “No thanks, it’ll stunt my growth.” Okay, maybe that doesn’t make you burst into laughter as you read it in a blog, but trust me, it gets a few chuckles in person since I am six feet and six inches tall. But enough about my beverage preferences, let’s dive into some intriguing “Coffee Talk.”

Did you ever think that something as physical as warmth could influence your social opinion, because it can.

I Don't Believe You

Well, buckle up because there’s research to back it up.

In a small study conducted at Yale University involving an elevator ride, a cup of coffee, and some intriguing findings.

Participants held either a warm or iced cup of coffee while riding an elevator with a researcher.

The twist? This simple act of physical warmth or coldness was a way to prime the participants’ minds.

Later, the participants were asked to evaluate hypothetical individuals with “neutral” characteristics.

The results? Those who held the iced coffee tended to attribute more negative or “cold” traits like selfishness to the hypothetical people, while warm coffee holders associated them with positive or “warm” attributes like generosity.

Now, you might wonder why all this is important. Well, if you’re making big decisions, like purchasing a pricey vehicle, you’ll want to guard against emotions clouding your judgment. Understanding mental priming can help you ensure that your feelings towards a salesperson are based on their behavior, not just a warm cup of joe.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to build rapport with a potential client or enjoying a first date, offering a warm cup of coffee (while enjoying one yourself) could create a subtle sense of warmth and connection.

So, whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a beverage rebel like me, remember that the temperature of your cup can stimulate and influence more than just your taste buds. It might just stir up social perceptions along the way.

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